Volume 5
Volume 5
Volume Information
Title Volume 5
Pages 186
Release Date March 19, 2010
JP ISBN 978-4-08-877834-1
US ISBN 978-1421538778
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Volume 5 is the fifth volume of the Dogs: Bullets & Carnage series.


  1. "Agressors & Strugglers I"
  2. "Agressors & Strugglers II"
  3. "Agressors & Strugglers III"
  4. "Agressors & Strugglers IV"
  5. "Agressors & Strugglers V"
  6. "Agressors & Strugglers VI"
  7. "Agressors & Strugglers VII"
  8. "Chevalier & Bogeyman I"
  9. "Chevalier & Bogeyman II"
  10. "Corps & Corpses"


Mihai enters the stage just in time to save Badou from starring in his own death scene, but now the two of them are a captive audience to Beltheim’s display of his lethal skills. As bad as things are in the Above though, they’re even worse in the Below: under Giovanni’s command, the dog soldiers have started their final assault against the underground city. As the streets around them burn, Heine and Giovanni become locked in a savage fight to settle their rivalry once and for all.