Richter Berthein
リヒター=H=ベルトハイン / Rihitā H Berutohai
Richter Berthein
Gender ♂ Male
Personal Status
Status � Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Conductor,
Soldier (Formerly)
Affiliation Einstelzen's Army (Formerly)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 33 (Bullets & Carnage)

Richter H. Berthein (リヒター=H=ベルトハイン Rihitā H Berutohai), also known as Herbst (ヘルプスト Herupusut')



A sadistic man who takes pleasure in manipulating people into doing things they will regret and watching them pay the price for it .


Dogs: Bullets & CarnageEdit

He was once a soldier for Einstelzen's army. When Badou Nails and his brother were investigating the underground seven years ago, he led the group sent to kill them. He was the one who attacked Badou, causing him to lose an eye. Since then, Berthein has left the underground and studied to become the conductor of an orchestra. Because he has a sense of fulfillment he did not have before, he does not want to return to the underground. Although he states he is much kinder and gentler than he used to be, he has no qualms about hypnotizing the orchestra members into attacking Badou.