Luki and Noki
ルキ & ノキ / Ruki & Noki
Luki and Noki
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Yellow
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Angelika Einstürzen (mother)

Giovanni Rammsteiner (brother)
Heine Rammsteiner (brother)

Professional Status
Occupation Assassins
Affiliation Angelika Einstürzen
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 7 (Bullets & Carnage)

Luki (ルキ, Ruki) and Noki (ノキ, Noki) are small twin sisters who also serve as antagonists in DOGS. They make a game out of killing and violence and work under Einstürzen.


The twins are identical in their short height and slight figure. Both have short blue-green hair and have heterochromia in their eyes in the reverse form of each other. Luki's left eye is black while her right is gold, and Noki's eye colors are reversed.

They wear matching outfits that differ only in color. Luki's short rabbit-tailed dress, rabbit-eared hat, and boots are all black with pink fur trim and pink pompoms. Her leggings are black and pink with wider pink stripes. Noki's outfit is identical but with the colors switched, her outfit being mainly pink with black fur trim. The sleeves of their dresses are long and large enough to hide their respective weapons.


They are very cheerful and playful and enjoy violence and slaughter as a "game," once treating a bounty hunt for a former mob boss as a game of tag.

They work for Einstürzen, together with Campanella Frühling and Giovanni, and have engaged Heine in their "games."



They refer to him as "Big Brother" since he also has the Kerberos Spine. They want to play games with him but he violently objects, knowing that they are with Giovanni.


They refer to him as "Big Brother" and "Gio-nii," which is a contraction of his name and the Japanese word for older brother. They are often not far from him. He remarks that they're troublesome but tolerates their antics.


They refer to her as "Fu-sama," showing that they respect and fear her to an extent, but also use nicknames and are comfortable acting more childlike in her presence.


They refer to her as "mother" and fear her.

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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage Edit

Weapons Edit

Luki and Noki's Weapons

Luki and Noki's weapons.

They are very agile and acrobatic and have immense strength and regenerative ability. Luki, dressed mostly in black, has a giant, oversized knife hidden in her right sleeve and throws smaller knives. Noki, dressed mostly in pink, has a huge machine gun in her left sleeve.


  • In the short one-shot Hardcore Twins, Luki and Noki are drawn using the wrong arms when they pull out their weapons. Shirow Miwa notes this in an end-note
  • Luki is a German name; Noki is likely German as well.


  • "Hey mister, will you play with Luki?"
    "Hey mister, will you play with Noki?'"
  • "And we're 'it,' so good luck running away!"
  • "I want to play too! Just for a little bit, okay?"
  • "A one, and a two, and... SUPER CARNAGE TIME!"