Gun Smoker
Gun Smoker
Chapter Title Gun Smoker
Cover Badou Nails
Volume 0
Pages 17
Weepy Old Killer
Blade Maiden

Gun Smoker is the second chapter of Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling In The Dark.


Badou Nails takes an incriminating photo of masochistic crime boss Domino Bourdone. Before hitmen kill Badou, Mihai saves him. When Bourdone learns of Badou's escape and Mihai's involvement, he mobilizes a large force and surrounds the Buon Viaggio, demanding the "secret file" back; Badou, however, cannot negotiate, as the camera was destroyed earlier by said hitmen. Shortly after, Badou runs of out nicotine, and single-handedly defeats Bourdone's men in a berserker rage, much to the surprise of Mihai and Mimi, one of Badou's colleagues. Instead of killing Bourdone, however, he asks for a cigarette. As a result of these events, the Bourdone family's reputation is destroyed.