Campanella Frühling
カンパネルラ・フリューリング / Kanpanerura Furyūringu
Campanella Frühling
Gender ♀ Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Affiliation Angelika Einstürzen
First Appearance
Debut Pink & Black III

Campanella Frühling (カンパネルラ・フリューリング Kanpanerura Furyūringu) is a woman who works for Einstürzen and controls her small army consisting entirely of genetic experiments. She has her own set of motives, including revenge. In chapter 60, she was revealed as the original Naoto.


She wears a pin striped suit. She and her army carry katana whose hilts are similar to the one Naoto carries.


Fruhling appears as a apathetic woman.

Relationships Edit

Fuyumine: in her youth she held a lot of respect for fuyumine as he was the one guiding her to being the perfect swordsman. This respect eventually turned to love which is hinted at later in the story line. When he left the underground with magato and a couple of other solders leaving her behind that love turned to hate leaving her very apathetic and very angry. Edit

Magato: her younger brother not much is known about there relationship at this time in the story other than them both being raised and experimented on in the underground. They both seem to have a odd relationship as on meeting for the first time in years after magato left the underground he tried to kill her. Edit

Naoto: she hates her very existence as she does not see the point of having a spare willing to kill her on site if given the chance. This does change later in the story after she meets fuyumine again what is said between them is unknown but because of that she willingly protects her. Edit

Luki and Noki: she acts as there superior in the underground as well as a sort of babysitter when they go above ground for recon . Edit


Dogs: Bullets & CarnageEdit

She is revealed to be Naoto's "parents" killer and Magato's sister.

Weapons Edit

She uses a special katana that is forged from metal that has the ability to kill the dog solders

Trivia Edit