Angelika Einstürzen
アインシュテルツェン / Anjerika Ainshuterutsen
Angelika Einstürzen
Gender ♀ Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Scientist
First Appearance
Debut Darkness & Troopers III

Angelika Einstürzen (アインシュテルツェン Anjerika Ainshuterutsen) conducted experiments on Heine, Giovanni, Lily and many other children. She is referred to as "mother" by the subjects, including Luki and Noki, although Heine is her favorite. She refers to herself as the subjects' physician. She conducts these experiments to create the ultimate human weapon, and enjoys the slaughter the children create.


Angelika has long blonde hair. And has six fingers on each hand as well as a very mature figure


She is a mad scientist dwelling in the deepest levels of the underground. And has no sense of morality and will sacrifice men women and children to reach her ultimate goal

Relationships Edit

Heine : she views Heine as one of her greatest master pieces and loves him for that fact. Even after him fleeing the underground after his final experiment which ended with him literally pulling her and all the other scientists apart. This does not dissuade her from sending one of her clones to see how he has grown before the second attack on the underground takes place. Edit

GIOVANNI: she views him as a failure from the start as the Keroberos collar did not activate in the original human experiment. She only kept him alive as he was the last one breathing in the final human experiment as a temper command module for her dog army until she could reclaim Heine. And for that end she subjects him to even more horrible human experiments to making him as close to a complete immortal so he can face of with Heine in battle. But because of a side affect of these experiments he starts to lose his memory's when he is shot in the head.


Dogs: Bullets & CarnageEdit


  • Her surname is derived from that of German band Einstürzende Neubauten.
  • She is drawn with six fingers on each hand.